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Gifting proves to be an act of love beyond just the exchange of something materialistic. Best Online Gifts Store In India supports the objective of conveying unsaid messages, especially deeply felt emotions. Show the love you have for someone by gifting a token of love. Gifting is a precious act where you can shower emotions intertwining with a thoughtful gift, making the bond stronger. You can browse specific categories for all your occasions and people from We Wrap Smile, the one-stop destination serving people’s gifting needs.

Making Memories with Online Gifts Delivery India

For gifting needs, it’s worth considering a portal that sells a range of one-of-a-kind and spectacular presents to brighten up any occasion. Send Gifts to Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad by getting in touch with We Wrap Smile. Here’s why it’s worth having a look at the range of products.

You can explore a carefully picked collection of delightful gifts, ranging from electronics to creative interior design that are favorable for being gifted regardless of the occasion.

With customizable alternatives, you can get a unique present. Regardless of the item of choice, novel etching on a keepsake, you’ll get the item that you can gift someone from the heart.

Buy Festival Gifts online in India and celebrate in style regardless of the occasion—a birthday or a recognition. You will also get an assortment of gifts that are uniquely customized for the festival to make any festival important. You will find a range of beautiful surprises and considerate gestures, letting you exhibit emotions most unforgettably.

Speciality of gifting with us

Buy online gifts in Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad from the leading online gift store to create happy moments regardless of special occasions. Be sure you can find items that match the occasion, including birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Raksha Bandhan, anniversaries, engagements, and Diwali. The range of gifts you find here online includes thoughtful gifts for all special events. Each of these gifts will also allow you to revere the cultural heritage. With We Wrap Smile, you can get the most suitable gift items to create special moments with loved ones. Send personalized gifts with the assistance of a strong distribution network and a robust online presence.

Over the years, we have earned the trust of our wide clientele. We also understand that sending gifts online on same-day delivery is often the best choice. You can take advantage of the remarkable distribution network and delivery partners that can guarantee the timely delivery of the gifts you order. As a trustworthy Online Gift Shop in India, we can ensure that the gifts reach the recipient in the desired condition within the desired time frame. 

Online gifting made simpler with WeWrapSmile

Find unique gifts curated according to category from India’s #1 Online Gift Store with many products. 

Festive Season

Raksha Bandhan
Rakhi gifts hold a deeper meaning and represent the promise of protection, care, and support. Top products include Raksha Bandhan Dry Fruits Festive Hamper,  Designer Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi, Magnificent Rakhi Hamper, and Ganesh Ji Rakhi Bracelet.

Exchanging gifts during Diwali holds significance as it is an age-old tradition in India. Product lines include a Coffee Suction Mug, Copper Water Bottle, cute small cotton rope box, and Diwali Crackers Chocolate.

Giving gifts to friends and family on Christmas li,ke believing that generosity would bring good fortune. Some of the top gifts include Christmas Decorations Red and Gold Glitter, a Christmas Santa Cap, Christmas Tree Decorations and Ornaments.

Ganesh Chaturthi
Grab the opportunity to deepen the spiritual connection during Ganesh Chaturthi with gifts that symbolizes new beginnings. Some popular gifts from WeWrapSmile include Appu Ganesha Idol for Ganesh Chaturthi, Gold plated Red Ganesha Statue, Polyresin Ganesha Idol.

Bhai Dooj
Bhaidooj is a unique moment when siblings exchange gifts, signifying the everlasting love they hold for each other. Gifting Bhaidooj presents is a heartfelt gesture to convey deep appreciation for the cherished bond. In this regard, some of the best gifts worth checking out include a Dry Fruits Festive Hamper, a Green Owl Cotton Rope Basket, and a Wooden Wonder Gift Hamper.

New Year
New Year gifts convey a message of appreciation and mark how we wish for the prosperous and joyful moments in a person’s life. Our product line for New Year gifts include Suction Mugs, Cotton Rope Round Handmade Dry Fruit, Copper Water Bottle.


Desk Organizer
Desk organizers fit needs and are aesthetically pleasing. Each item is easy to assemble and disassemble, keeping the space neat. Some of the best choices to give as gifts include a Lamp with a Sharpener, a Cute Creative Airplane-Shaped Night Light, a Cute Smiley Cat Lamp with a Sharpener, a Mickey LED Light Table Night Lamp, and a Tissue Box Cotton Rope Woven Basket.

Go Green
The best part about giving green gifts is that they are unique and fun. They are focused on creating a healthier life and world while bringing a smile to the lips of our loved ones. Find gifts like a Cork A5 Notebook with a Pen that reflects values and helps care for the environment better.

A stationery lover will definitely appreciate gifts for journaling, planning, or writing. Even these items can be used in daily work and are thoughtful. We have a specially curated range, including a Small Pocket Diary, an Animal-Printed Water Bottle, and a Lamp with a Sharpener in Blue-Yellow Color.

Kids Lamp
These lamps ensure optimal visibility for the tasks of the little ones. Gifts that are aesthetically pleasing also enhance the look of the room and have a personalized touch. Some widely popular gift items include a Lamp with a Sharpener, a bank table lamp, a Mickey LED light Table Night Lamp Yellow, and a Pen Stand LED Desk Light Study Night.

Gifts by Occasion

Curated Hampers
Gifting a hamper specifically tailored to the occasion is like showing your loved one that you care about the bond. Special and memorable gifts include a selection of unique gift baskets. Some of the popular baskets include the MamaEarth Skin Care Hamper, the Dry Fruits Festive Hamper, the Wooden Tray with Handle, the Copper Water Bottle and Glass Set, and the Cotton Rope Round Handmade Dry Fruit Box.

Dry Fruits Baskets
If you want to remind the loved one that their health is essential to you, consider gifting a healthy and nutritious gift that symbolizes a wish for good health and well-being. Some of the best gifts for being gifted on any occasion include Cotton Rope Round Handmade Dry Fruit, a Printed floral Box with 3 Jars, and Wooden Trays with Handles.

Snacks & Munchies
A snacks and munchies hamper is a gift specially curated to tingle the taste buds and indulge the senses of the loved one. In this regard, WeWrapSmile offers a combination of various tastes, textures, and flavors with product lines like Chips & Makhana Combo, Kids Happiness, Pine wooden Tray with Handle, and Premium Designer Hamper.

Gifts reconfirm or establish our connection with others; in this regard, a Birthday Gift should undoubtedly be very special. Some top and unique gifts to search for include the Frozen Theme Stationary Kit, deDubblin Royal Collection, Open Cotton Rope basket Turquoise Blue, Coffee Suction Mug, and Ceramic Tea/Coffee cup With Mirror Lid.

Anniversary gifts symbolize love, understanding, acceptance, and romance, a quintessential gesture to show your significant other how much you mean to them.  Also, as guests attending the ceremony, you can gift the pair gifts that symbolize love and devotion between two partners. We have curated the best anniversary gifts for couples, which include elegant tokens of affection like deDubblin Royal Collection Perfume, Ceramic Tea/Coffee cup With Mirror Lid, Coffee Suction Mug, Copper Water Bottle Meena Flower Print, Cotton Rope Round Handmade Dry Fruit.

Wedding Gifts are tokens of celebration, honoring the start of a new chapter in people’s lives. In this regard, WeWrapSmile’s collection offers a wide array of choices that represent thoughtfulness, like Almonds flavor coated with Premium Wooden, Buddha Head Statue – Decorative Buddha Idol, Cotton Rope Round Handmade Dry Fruit, Krishna Ji Hand with Flute Gold Plated, Le Casa Sterling Copper Water Bottle, White Gold Luxurious Ceramic Cup & Saucer.

Friendship Day
Friendship Day is a moment that cherishes the bonds shared between friends and also lets friends express appreciation. You can find with us a thoughtfully curated list of a range of heartwarming and meaningful gifts like a Rudraksha Rakhi Bracelet, Shining Coffee Mug with Glitter Lid, Ramco 919 VIP, and Wooden Wonder Gift Hamper.

Mother’s day
Mother’s Day serves as a wonderful opportunity to show mothers the utmost appreciation and love. You may gift Mother’s Day Gift, Printed Coffee Mug, MamaEarth Skin Care Hamper, Wall Hanging Cotton Rope 3 Storage, Artisanal Popsicle Soap, Artisanal Truffle Soaps, and Sweet Heart Black Paris Tower Eau De Parfum.

Fathers’ Day
Father’s Day is a special day to show love and appreciation to Dad. Find the perfect gift for your father, like a Cork A5 notebook with a mobile pocket, a Cork Hardcover Notebook with Pen, Harrolds Luxury Pen Perfume set, or a Killer Ocean Perfume.

Women’s Day
Women’s Day, a perfect occasion to honor and appreciate women in your life, deserves adding a thoughtful gift with wishes to offer beautiful gestures. Some of the best gifts you can find with us include 3 Pc Open Cotton Rope basket Turquoise Blue, Artisanal Truffle Soaps, deDubblin Royal Collection Perfume, Oveo 1918 platinum Series Spray Perfume, Wall Hanging Cotton Rope 3 Storage.

Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day serves as a physical representation of love, care, and effort in the relationship. Some of the popular gifts you can find from WeWrapSmile include deDubblin Royal Collection, Artificial Gold Plated Rose, 3D Mini Moon Lightning Lamp for Home, Cute Teddy Bear with Chocolates Bucket, Heart Lightning Night Lamp Valentine Special, Love Valentine Miniature1 Romantic, Valentine Heart Hamper.

Glassware & Drinkware

Mugs as a gift shows extending love and care to someone you feel special about. Choose from personalized items like Mother’s Day Gift, Printed Coffee Mug, and Shining Coffee Mug with Glitter Lids.

Cup & Saucer
Add a touch of sophistication to your table with a Cup & Saucer set like a White Gold Luxurious Ceramic Cup & Saucer.

Copper Bottles
Each of the copper bottles are enriched with the goodness of pure copper and proves to be perfect for someone who is conscious about the water they drink. Some of the popular items include Copper Water Bottles, Copper Water Bottles with Glass, Hammered Copper/Tamba Water, Le Casa Sterling Copper Water Bottles, Pure Copper High-Quality Diamond Style Bottles, and Copper Water Bottles Meena Rose Leakproof.

Suction Mugs
Suction Mugs are suitable for both hot and cold beverages. So choose a versatile and practical choice for a personalized corporate touch like a Coffee Suction Mug #Never Spillover.

Corporate gifting

Diaries & Pens
Diaries & Pens promote mindfulness, and these gifts are ideal for giveaways and events. Some of the popular items from our collection to choose from include a Cork Hardcover Notebook, a Cork A5 Notebook with Pen, a Cork A5 Notebook, a Pen & Ferrero Rocher, and a Cork A5 notebook with a mobile pocket.

Employee Kit
Employee Kit helps employees settle in by offering a sense of belonging.

Bags & Baskets

Home Organizer
Home Organizer is a great gift to someone who wants to show that you are assisting in managing and organizing their lives. Some gifts include 3 Pc Open Cotton Rope basket Turquoise Blue, Cotton Rope Round Handmade Dry Fruit, Home Decor Multipurpose White, Round Box/Multipurpose, Tissue Box Cotton Rope Woven basket, Wall Hanging Cotton Rope 3 Storage, Small Hanging Pooja Storage Pink Basket.

Mix Bag

House Warming
House Warming proves to be a kind way to welcome someone to their new home conveying goodwill. These gifts foster relationships, and in this regard osme of the best gifts include Almonds flavour coated with Premium Wooden, Buddha Head Statue – Decorative Buddha Idol, Dry Fruits Festive Hamper, Le Casa Greek Copper Water Bottle, Pine wooden Tray with Handle.

Best Wishes
Best Wishes gifts online for your loved ones or partner serves as an incredibly way to show that you deeply love the person. Some of the best products include Almonds flavour coated with Premium Wooden Box, Ceramic Tea/Coffee cup With Mirror Lid, Cotton Rope Round Handmade Dry Fruit, Krishna Ji Hand with Flute Gold Plated.

New Arrivals
New Arrivals gifts are thoughtful gift boxes. You can get a range of affordable and personalized new gift items like Baby Soaps Blue, Almonds flavor coated with Premium Wooden Box, and Small Hanging Pooja Storage Pink Basket.

Personal Care

Add a personal and thoughtful touch to the recipient’s present to make it feel special. Express your love and affection for someone. Some of the popular items include (Set of 3) deDubblin Royal Collection, deDubblin 1918 Vintage Royal, deDubblin Royal Collection Perfume, Oveo 1918 platinum Series Spray Perfume For Men & Women, Oveo Paul Adams Spray Perfume For Men &, Oveo High Heels Blue Perfume For Women.

For Her
You can buy For Her a thoughtful gift to show how much you treasure their relationship. From WeWrapSmile, you can get a Cute Teddy Bear with Chocolates Bucket Hamper Box, a shaped Gift Tin Box nestled with a Teddy, a Love Valentine Miniature1 Romantic, a Teddy Rose Bouquet Valentine Special, a Valentine Teddy in Tub with Roses Hamper.

For Him
Buy a gift for him to remind him of you. Personalized gifts include a Mini Smiling Faces Night Lamp, ROYAL Sense Wild Stage Premium long, and Certified Original Brown Long Lasting.

Soaps Exquisite
Soaps Exquisite Collections improve not only mood but are also known for their exclusivity and uniqueness. Each soap is carefully crafted for the recipient and some of the popular items are like Button Cupcake Soaps, Artisanal Cupcake Soap, Artisanal Popsicle Soap, Artisanal Truffle Soaps.