About Us

Our Mission (Spread the Happiness)

Our mission is to be a one-step solution for gift delivery at the doorstep happily. With our products, we are aiming to deliver the authentic taste experience of purely extra virgins oil used in chocolates, creative ideas exchange with the presentable hamper view. The overall satisfaction our team achieves when our customers proudly say that you have wrapped a smile. We are assured of delivering products that look good in taste, the best in presentation, unique in their design and most importantly what our customers like and love. Stay connected with us to deliver a happy wrap smile in the form of your selected gifts.

Our Vision

We exist to warm people’s hearts and make them feel connected. And we think people deserve more of the luxuries of life. We know that delicious food inspires connection. Everyone loves good food – it brings us together. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to getting the finest, most extraordinary food items
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